UX and visual design

Design • Technology • Sport

Simple, usable and beautiful web and mobile experiences.

Stunning design that connects with sports fans.

Businesses in the sporting world need to capture the emotion and excitement that captivates sports fans while offering a product that is usable and meets yours and your audience’s expectations. We make sure both of those are carried through in the designs we create for you.

The needs of the user are always paramount. The first step is to discuss them with you and then using collaborative tools for wireframing and prototyping we come up with the solutions to these needs. Prototypes are frequently tested with independent users that represent your target market, and with their feedback we iterate at this stage to make sure they can easily achieve your goals with minimum friction.

Then there is the visual side; graphics that will both represent your brand and draw the attention to the product. We translate the drama, passion and energy of sport into web and mobile design to keep your audience engaged and create unforgettable experiences. Your brand values are turned into shapes, colors and patterns that define, embrace and represent the final proposition.

We use Lean Product Development frameworks to make sure we put the outcomes in front of users early and often, so we can rectify incorrect assumptions and use their feedback to deliver solutions they need and understand. Therefore we prefer to start small, our goal is to achieve a minimum viable product and iterate on the concept. This approach allows us to be flexible, yet never compromise on user experience or the visual side.