Sport Apps development

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Score Centres? Games? Fan apps?

Whatever your idea is, we can build it.

The technology business is exploding, with a number of hugely successful products making their way into everyone’s digital lives. The sports industry has one of the most committed, faithful and, most importantly, tech savvy audiences yet we are still to see a so-called unicorn in this market. It’s time to change that.

We can help you build and launch your next big sport-related project. We’ve worked with gaming companies, sport stats, games and social apps in the past and we would love to take on your idea to build a beautiful, usable and exciting product that we can take to sports fans around the world. Whether it’s related to football (round or oval ball), baseball, cricket, athletics or fitness, we develop apps that are driven by user experience, add a splash of visual magic and implement it in the form of a rock-solid software for web and mobile.