Ruby on Rails and Web apps

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Your content and data meet technical excellence from our developers.

We provide web solutions for the connected world of sports.

Internet access for nearly the entire world has enabled a new generation of businesses to grow tremendously in the past few years. Whether they were based on a website, mobile app or an API, none of this would be possible without the internet, servers and software that runs it all.

Our team has worked with web technologies for the past decade, building web software for both large and small clients. We believe the best technology should always be picked for the job. Ruby on Rails often turned out to be the right solution for the projects we worked on and thanks to this experience we have become experts in this technology.

Our developers have a deep knowledge of the inner workings of Ruby on Rails, are highly skilled in using HTML and CSS and we all enjoy writing clean JavaScript code. We combine the pragmatism of using open-source libraries with the exceptionally high standards of our own code. On most of the projects, we practice test-driven development and apply useful agile techniques and principles to make sure the development of your project is on track.

At the same time - we love working with sport, we understand the audiences and can advise on the best solutions. We ourselves are the target audience for the products we build, and we do care that both back-end and front-end of our software is top-notch.