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Bring your app to your customers' home screens - on both Android and iOS.

You need to be there, we will make it work.

The biggest innovations happen on mobile screens. From Instagram and Snapchat, through Twitter and WhatsApp to Netflix - the way to go big for brands is to exist on mobile devices.

The experience of sports is already revolving around our TV screens. This makes smartphones much better second screen devices than desktops and laptops. Checking the scores, chatting to fellow supporters, predicting results, setting up fantasy teams - if you want to connect with your audience, mobile is the way to go.

At X8 we handle the full product build cycle including design, iOS and Android development and we also take care of the backend systems that are required for the apps to work smoothly and handle load. We follow agile processes and a pragmatic approach to get early versions of the apps in testers hands as soon as possible. We validate concept designs and early prototypes with users representative of the target market so we can build apps that not only work and look great, but also provide a brilliant user experience optimised for the screen size and interaction with the product.