Transfer Window Challenge Who is going to spend the most?

Transfer Window Challenge

Prediction game where you guess who is going to spend most on transfers

"£40m, it's a bargain!" Reality goes out the window in January as every fan urges their team to splash the cash and watches through their fingers when it's their rivals spending instead.

Transfer Window Challenge

Front pages are full of rumours and TV channels talk about transfers 24/7. Betting companies open fanciful "who will he sign for markets" and fans discuss in pubs around the country who their team needs and what it'll cost. For one month the football world goes transfer mad and everyone thinks they know what the big moves will be.

User predictions

This upcoming January madness inspired us to come up with the transfer window challenge idea.

Transfer Window Challenge

The process

Designed and developed in just few weeks in December 2014, we wanted to create something fun but simple for the January Transfer Window.

Scope of work
  • Code
  • Design
  • Concept

We started by prototyping the game simply with pen and paper before testing it on a group of football fans and using their feedback to refine the rules. Then in two quick iterations we designed and developed a responsive web app that is both easy and fun to use.

End result

Launched over Christmas 2014 it received positive feedback from the online football community.

Transfer Window Challenge result

What twitter says…

Lovely looking gamification of the transfer window here, with £100 up for grabs.

Bootifulgame Football & Data Visualisation.

Nice little bit of transfer window fun.

Elizabeth Ammon BBC county cricket broadcaster