Sportskred Where brands meet athletes


New platform for sports influencers and brands

Sportskred is an influencer platform for brands and athletes. It allows them to create and run immediate campaigns on influencer’s social networks, that would otherwise take weeks if not months to set up and negotiate.

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We were approached by Sportskred with a goal of creating unique branding and look and feel for the company and present the proposition of the upcoming product.

This objectives were realised through an exciting website, accompanied with a number of video clips that connect with users through modern visuals, high energy and clear explanation of the concept.

Branding and logo

Clever, unique logotype that is memorable and stands out in the crowd

Sportskred branding logo

Motion and video design

Series of video clips incorporating branding and holographic UI elements that is memorable and stands out in the crowd

UI and visual design

Clean responsive web design that helps visitors understand the content


Sportskred visual design - desktop
Sportskred visual design - mobile


Sportskred visual design - mobile


Wordpress-based CMS that makes all the elements customisable and gives client 100% control over the content

Concept and UX

Conceptualising the final product through UX and the preview of upcoming features with impressive UI

Sportskred, Concept and UX