Picklive In-play fantasy games


New way to bet on live sports

Picklive is a fusion of real-time fantasy football, social betting and live second screen entertainment, where you compete against other players as the games unfold.

Being at the forefront of innovation in fantasy football and betting markets, Picklive serves sports fans with a game where every action in the live sports matters. Players interact with the game not just before and after but throughout the duration of real matches to beat their opponents and win cash prizes.

Picklive UK is football game, while the US version is focused on games for NFL, MLB and NBA
Picklive intro

How picklive works

While there are numerous sub-systems and external services that together make the product work so great, one of the most interesting is the utilization of the real-time sport data. Picklive backend systems import the feeds provided during the game by Opta , Picklive's UK sport data partner (SportsNetwork delivers data in the US). This data is processed, filtered out and applied to player selections, then in real time pushed to players devices.

Picklive project

This mechanism offers Picklive customers immersive experience and gets involved through ongoing engagement with the game that accurately reflects the actual action in the sport stadiums.

Our role

Traditionally, projects like Picklive were developed using a waterfall model, requiring huge budgets and release cycles spanning over many months.

Assigning a small and flexible team to work directly with the client, we've managed to apply Agile principles to the workflow and processes to the project. Our developers worked closely with product and design experts on client side and over a number of short iterations we were able to achieve goals on tight schedule.

Thanks to the carefully crafted codebase, we were able to reuse many components and patterns across entirely different products, thus accelerating the progress and reducing maintenance cost. Using popular open source technologies and cloud computing, we've managed to successfully create a flexible, secure platform for the years to come.

Some of the technologies used:
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Amazon AWS
  • Backbone.JS / Javascript
  • Chef

End result

The end product is an exciting game that leaves behind other fantasy football competitors.

Picklive result

The large, dedicated customer base playing the game is a proof that our development, maintenance and support efforts are of great value to Picklive's business. Thanks to X8's flexibility, knowledge of web software development and required processes, it was possible for the client to introduce multiple products that target different geographical markets while being able to quickly move forward and expand.

Picklive testimonial

X8 was able to manage a large-scale project on a limited budget, in an efficient manner and delivered on time. We are happy to recommend them as a trusted technology partner.

David Galan, CEO, Picklive