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Business networking made easier

The perils of business networking! When attending conferences and meetups there are times when we find ourselves forced into irrelevant discussion while just a few metres away there could be someone you could be doing business with.

Handshake is a prototype of a cross-platform mobile app that solves this problem. It allows everyone to get the most out of networking events.

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Core features:
  • find relevant people at the events you're attending
  • browse profiles "tinder-style", decide if you want to meet them
  • get connected and arrange face to face meeting

Design and technology

Whilst we concluded that Handshake will mostly be used on mobile, using available web technologies combined with a cross platform approach from the start allowed us to cater for all different mobile devices without a need for separate native apps.

  • Responsive, mobile-first design Most of the time, Handshake will be used on mobile devices. Therefore we designed it for this purpose. Stardard compliant web technologies allowed us to easily introduce a web-based version to use on full-size screens.
  • Crossplatform development Using PhoneGap framework and modern HTML, CSS and Javascript, we were able to have an app that works on most popular devices without an overhead of preparing separate, native applications.
  • Bespoke branding The simple but strong, modern brand resonates well with target market, making it both memorable and more likely to be recommended to colleagues.
Handshake intro

Cross platform solution

With a number of different devices used by networkers, a cross-platform approach is the right solution. iOS and Android owners can both use Handshake therefore no one at the event is left out.

iOS app
Android app

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