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Support platform for entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds is the first crowdfunding site that lets people work directly with individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them build micro-enterprises and financial independence.

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For Common Cause lets you:
  • donate to interesting micro-enterprises
  • connect and volunteer to help real entrepreneurs
  • see the impact you make first-hand

How it works

Entrepreneurs contact For Common Cause and they get signed up on the website. Supporters can then go to the website and discover entrepreneurs' projects.

Through web, email and mobile, connections are made between entrepreneurs and supporters.

With the help of supporters, entrepreneurs get access to the resources such as money, time and network that help them achieve success.

Our role

When we were approached by For Common Cause, we were tasked with building a flexible platform that allows visitors to help entrepreneurs through donating money, in-kind donations of equipment or volunteering their own time.

Scope of work
  • Code
  • Design
  • Infrastructure

Using existing prototype software and designs mockups, we created a web application that handles all forms of contributions, including money donations, as well as giving entrepreneurs an easy way to manage their projects. An advanced reporting system allows the For Common Cause team to measure, analyse and react to the behavior of the website visitors.

Common Cause


We were delighted to contribute to this great idea and to help For Common Cause launch their project. It has since had Stephen Fry and European MPs involved and successfully run public marketing campaign.

As a result of For Common Cause programmes, many entrepreneurs gained access to the resources they needed:

  • 100% gained the required moral support
  • 98% gained all the know-how they need
  • 84% received all the contacts and leads they need