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Share and store your photos, videos and group chat for the events you attend.

Whether it’s a videos from music concert, photos from holiday or chat and images from favorite sport event. Every bit of content seems to live on a different platform, and so it is impossible to have all in one place. Or is it?

We’ve collaborated with entrepreneur Ben Bidwell on creating an app that is the ultimate solution to this problem. With Clipcrowd, all the content from all the participants of an event lives in one place - it captures your and other’s memories in digital form, and allows everyone to keep a diary of all their important life events on their mobiles.

Clipcrowd intro

Concept and User Experience

Great idea is just a beginning. The concept has to be refined and turned into user stories, so we can provide users with the experience they want.

Wireframes and User Testing

At early stages, the product is just a set of wireframes - it allows us to explore and iterate on interaction and build solid foundations of information architecture.

Clipcrowd wireframes

Branding, look and feel for the product

Strong, memorable, consistent and unique. For some, branding is just packaging. For us this is how the concept and experience manifests itself visually. Designed to be remembered.

Clipcrowd branding

Visual and UI design

Full visual prototype allowed Clipcrowd to test the app early and saved time and iterations of on a project on tight deadline. We combined originality, power and simplicity into a custom iOS and Android apps

Clipcrowd design

Developing the Product

    • Fast and secure access to events, posts, images and videos
    • Sends emails and push notifications
    • Stores data uploaded from mobile devices
    • Implemented using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and Redis
    • Integrated with Facebook, Apple Push Notification Service, Google Cloud Messaging, Pusher and
    • Authorizes access using the OAuth2 protocol
    • Generates reports and stats based on users' activity
    • Admin panel for events setup and manage them

Cross platform solution

We want to share Clipcrowd with everyone, so we’ve built both iOS and Android apps.

Clipcrowd iOS
iOS app
Clipcrowd Android
Android app