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X8 is a European based agency that helps businesses and organisations express their value through digital and interactive experiences.

We design, code and develop projects from concept through to fully working products.

(UX) User Experience

(UX) User Experience

The realisation of any digital product requires a solid foundation upon which to plan ahead and a good UX helps us identify the design challenges before they become problems.

(UI) Iser Interface Design

(UI) User Interface Design

A great interface is what drives the end user's engagement with a product. It's not just pretty pixels but a well thought out combination of visual elements that guides interaction.

Coding & Developement

Coding & Developement

We love bringing concepts to life through code whether it's on the web, desktop, mobile or all three combined using a variety of suitable coding languages and platforms.

Case Studies


The world's first live fantasy football game

Picklive is a new way to bet on live football. It's a fusion of real-time fantasy football, social betting and live second screen entertainment.

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  • betting
  • platform

Picklive Details

We managed the development and maintenance of the entire project including server, backend and frontend components.

A well designed platform infrastructure combined with our agile approach allowed us to iterate on the game concept and rules in a matter of weeks rather than months. With frequent deployments and weekly iterations we are able to to introduce new features, extend existing ones and at the same time constantly improve the quality of the software platform.

The end product is an exciting game that leaves all other fantasy football products behind. The dedicated customer base playing the game proves we’re bringing great value to Picklive’s business and offer unmatched flexibility in software development.


X8 was able to manage a large-scale project on a limited budget, in an efficient manner and delivered on time. We are happy to recommend them as a trusted technology partner.

David Galan, CEO, Picklive

Sheffield Doc/Fest

World's most exciting documentary and digital media festival.

Content-based website built with bespoke backend integration and a refreshing take on UX.

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  • registrations
  • cms
Sheffield Doc/Fest Sheffield Doc/Fest RWD


Property search for students in London

Paduni is a service that helps students find accommodation in many London student halls. It also provides an admin interface to hall operators for easy management of their properties and listings.

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  • students
  • accommodation
  • search

PadUni Details

With growing traffic and recognition, Paduni is becoming the UK’s destination website for student accommodation search. Initiated in summer 2013, this service covers all student halls in the Greater London area with plans to expand nation-wide in 2014. Clean, simple design focused on important information and innovative search criteria makes Paduni stand out amongst their competitors.

We are involved in all aspects of the design and development process from product specification up to building and releasing the web product. The back-office part of the site gives student hall managers a flexible and simple way of advertising properties and managing their listings while the user-friendly website allows students to quickly find the right accommodation for them.


X8 have done a tremendous job. They have implemented our brief very quickly and have worked with us collaboratively to build a great site. They have provided advice and expertise during the build, which has helped us to evolve and improve our business proposition. Over a short period since launch we have received thousands of visits, with a low bounce rate and high level of user engagement. I am happy to recommend X8

Marcus Ginn, CEO, PadUni


Sports club management meets social achievements

Prowd provides sports clubs with a platform to award digital badges and manage events. Sports club members can share their badges and sporting achievements on social media.

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  • social
  • crm
  • sport clubs

PROWD Details

Prowd allows sport organisations to connect and engage with their members by enabling them to manage and reward members through an innovative web and mobile application.

We developed a more flexible platform, where any type of sport or organisation could be handled. Enabled content to be dynamically added through a web management platform and provided web APIs to enable easy integration with the mobile version. An easy way of integrating with social media was also part of the project.

The powerful concept and the versatility of the Prowd platform allows the ability to cover most types of sport organisations. This allowed Prowd to start a conversation with new business partners and get on board new investors so they could enter the second phase of the project and move towards the commercialisation of the platform.


We are delighted with the result of what has been a complicated operation and much of this is down to the very good project management, commitment and ability of the X8 development team.

Ben Bidwell, Head of Business Development, Prowd

Tache or No Tache

A mobile-optimized web app which helps you join in the fun of Movember in order to raise money for charity.

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  • charity
  • mobile
Tache or No Tache

For common Cause

A support platform for disadvantaged entrepreneurs.

Common Cause is an online platform that allows people to donate money, offer professional support and equipment to entrepreneurs in need who have a business idea but lack the means to start it up.

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  • charity
  • crowd-funding
  • micro-entrepreneurs
For common Cause

About X8

X8 combines great design and code to give you the ultimate product

We love Ruby, and latest front-end techniques
We feel good working with Ruby on Rails, HTML5 and CSS3
  1. Krzysztof
    Founder and Technical Director

    Software engineer with 10 years of experience in web technologies. Previously CTO of Picklive and Software Developer at Mint Digital, Krzysztof combines a pragmatic approach to development with the focus on quality software and effective management of web projects.

  2. Design and QA team in London
    Help your project stand out

    We work with many talented, London based freelance designers with skills across UX, UI and visual design. Your project team will be joined by the most appropriate person based on their skills, experience and areas of expertise matching your requirements.

  3. Our development team
    Turn the ideas into working digital products

    Piotr, Michal, Przemek, Konrad, Jacek, Bartek and Arsen are our engineers. They specialise in Ruby on Rails, Django and front-end development as well as an extensive range of other web technologies.

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